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New York NEWS: July 12, 1970

Rock Bands Barred, So the Kids

Create Their Own Weed Section


1970 Mountaindale 'Bach to Rock' Festival. Rock festival promoter Bud Filippo is obviously stumped by cancelation of show. Unfinished stage is in background. NEWS photo by Hal Mathewson
Rock festival promoter Bud Filippo is obviously stumped by cancelation of show. Unfinished stage is in background. NEWS photo by Hal Mathewson

South Fallsburg, N.Y., July 11 - Bands of Hip mountaineers roamed the Catskills today in a nomadic search for a rock festival that was canceled at the llth hour by a politician on the other side of the generation gap.

About 15,000 youths continued to pour into the remote hamlet of Mountaindale early this morning: despite pleas from the venture's promoters to keep away from the embattled festival site.

Heavy rains earlier this week brought the mud, the kids brought the pot, but the one basic ingredient of Woodstock, music, was missing from the scene.

The outlandishly dressed youngsters began an exodus from Mountaindale later in the morning when word spread that a free rock show would be staged on a mountain top near the stately but faded Summit Hotel.

Take Up 3G Collection

A caravan of thousands atop rented panel trucks, crammed into battered cars and on motorcycles made the 10-mile trip along winding mountain roads to this little community which was caught by surprise by the youth invasion.

"We're going to liberate this town," grinned one blonde youth who hitchhiked here.

The crowd lolled on the grass and took up a $3,000 collection to pay for helicopters that were to fly pop stars Richie Havens and the Grateful Dead to the pot picnic.

An elaborate sound system was quickly set up and one youth took the microphone to auction off a plastic bag of marijuana. The bag, about the size of a soccer ball, went for $105.

The bidding was heated even though most of the kids had brought their own generous supplies of pot and hash.

Earlier, Dr. William Abruzzi, the resident physician at the Woodstock Festival, reported that he had "brought down" more than a 100 youths who had suffered bad acid trips while at Mountaindale.

"I Can't Ignore These Kids"

"Legally," the doctor commented, "the court injunction states that no activities, not even a medical tent, are supposed to take place here. But I just can't ignore these kids when things get heavy."

By late afternoon American flag vendors at the Summit Hotel were doing a brisk business, with many of the kids buying them as a patriotic put-on. Some spread them out on the grass, using them to catch excess pot as they rolled their joints.

As at Woodstock, this smaller crowd was peaceful and polite, obeying local and state cops and avoiding any confrontations.

1970 Mountaindale 'Bach to Rock' Festival.

1970 Mountaindale 'Bach to Rock' Festival.


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