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New York Times: June 26, 1970


Mountaindale "Bach to Rock" to run though summer

Special to The New York Times

MOUNTAINDALE, N.Y., June 26- A summer-long series of "Bach to Rock" concerts that, its promoters say will attract 50,000 patrons a day will open in this tiny Sullivan County community on Tuesday, July 7.The promoters. Budd Filippo and Manheim Fox, both of New York City, have engaged Van Cliburn, the pianist, for the first performance, which will be staged in an open-air amphitheater on 500 acres of land purchased by the promoters.In addition to four classical performances, the promoters are planning four rock concerts; several pop concerts, seven Broadway musicals and two dance recitals. The programs will be staged every day except Sunday until Aug. 29.

Mr. Filippo said that he and Mr. Fox hope to stage similar programs every year and that they are investing nearly $l-million in the enterprise, which is being called the Mountaindale Music and Arts Community.

Site Near Woodstock

The programs, which will be staged near the site of last year's Woodstock Rock Festival, which attracted more than 400,000 persons and disrupted traffic and sanitary facilities in the nearby town of Bethel, have received the approval of the Catskill Mountain Resort Association, town of Fallsburg Supervisor Mortimer Michael and members of the Fallsburg Town Board.The promoters, nonetheless, are encountering opposition from officials in nearby townships and from members of the Concerned Citizens of Sullivan County, a group formed after the 1969 Woodstock festival.

The Rev. Joel Munzing, a Roman Catholic priest, who lives near the White Lake site of last year's Woodstock event, is spearheading the opposition to the Mountaindale events. He has asked the Sullivan County Board of Supervisors to adopt regulations that would limit the size of the Woodstock type festivals. Last week the supervisors tabled a request by George Neuhaus. Town of Bethel Supervisor, to seek an Injunction against the Mountaindale promoters.

Gain Seen for Area

Seymour Krieger, executive director of the Catskill Resort Association, is a leading advocate of the Mountaindale enterprise. He said the festival would revive an economically-depressed community of under 500 inhabitants. Mr. Michael said that the people who attended last August's Woodstock festival "paid more than $400,000 in county sales taxes alone."Unlike the Woodstock Festival, the area where the Mountaindale Festival will be staged will be enclosed by a fence and patrolled by a security force, according to the promoters. At the Woodstock event, ticket-taking was abandoned after security measures broke down as a result of the surge of people seeking admission.

Seymour Farber, Fallsburg police chief, who normally commands four-man force, is training 50 men who will be deputized to patrol in the Mountaindale area.


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