Photos Alan A. Bedard, Lynnwood, WA
Contact at for copies.

"Checking if pigs can fly"
Festival goers look upward as state police helicopter
flies over festival site.
Photo © Alan A. Bedard

Some people will do anything for a good view.
Photo © Alan A. Bedard

"Singer Melanie Safka, free stage,
between Softee ice cream trucks."
It was Friday night.
The stage was constructed between two Mr. Softee trucks,
it wasn't much bigger than 20x20ft, maybe three feet off the ground.
I was on stage, to her right, taking pictures
and occasionally strumming on a Jew's Harp.
I don't remember local bands playing there that night,
although I do remember them showing the animated movie,
Alice in Wonderland.
Photo © Alan A. Bedard

For Melanie's account of her Powder Ridge performance
please read this 1978 interview

"The Last Softee Supper"
The free stage, between two Mr. Softee trucks.
Melanie Safka playing.