One of Sascha Arakelow's Manifestos. 1976?
Does anyone remember what inspired this?

The minority always loses its rights and freedoms, unless they stand up to the tyranny of the majority.

The Majority opinion has a illiterate origin in american society similar to Pierponts own. The average Pierponter like his American counterpart, is provincial in outlook, obtuse in their understanding, grossly ignorant of the facts in the matters they discuss, and finally (although I could go on), socially obscene.

So, basically:

Write your empty Manifestoes!

Continue your meaningless talks.

Set Your Ultimatums!

For I:

Laugh in disgust at you all.

Ignorant peasants one and all!

(Poetic ending but untrue in that some very good and vibrant people live and defecate (I couldn't resist that vulgarism) on the 4th Floor, and I really only implicate any consensus that arises from the mythical corpse that insinuates itself as Pierpont.

The bone of Contention.
Sascha Arakelow
Alias the "Maniac"