I've revisited the campus several times in '05 and '06. Pierpont has been totally remodeled and is unrecognizable to those of us who lived there in the 60's and 70's. While I was not allowed in the dorm, I've been told that all the old dorm art has been painted over.

This painting was once at the south end of the hallway on 3rd Sunset.
History of this mural below.
 This painting was once at the south end of the hallway on 3ed Sunset.

Ed Bryant posted at the Pierpont forum:
I was curious about "art" on your website, and I'm not really awake, so I clicked on it, and was delighted to find "Aoxomoxoa" as the first hit

The Grateful Dead Album cover was in many collections, and it was an album (we didn't have CD's in those days) whose artwork was superior to the recording. Project 10 in the fall of 1972 was home to just enough tapers that the more likely format for listening to the Dead in the dorm was concert tapes. With the concert tapes, there was even less reason to listen to Dead "albums," but the cover art was of interest to a fair number of people, some of whom weren't stoned. The size of an album cover allowed for more appreciation of detail than does a CD jewel box. There was in Pierpont, at the western end of the sunset side of the second, third, and fourth floor, a "lounge." On the thirdfloor, the lounge had to converted into a suite by knocking down a portion of the wall separating the nominal lounge from the room to its southeast; on the fourth floor, a suite was built by connecting the lounge to a room to the southwest. The suite created on the third floor became a residence, initially for the Assistant Heads of Residence, David Duncan and Denise Bisaillon. Whoever head the fourth floor room first, in the fall of 1972, it was occupied by David Fuller, Sheila Fitzgerald, Dan Finer, and Jill Josselyn. After Dan left following the Fall, 1972 semester, I lived there with the other aforementioned. During the Fall 1972 semester, a number of people replicated Aoxomoxoa in pencil, and then took the trouble to add all the colors. Jill Josselyn was very involved in this, as was a man named Brian, whose last name others would know, and Peter Anderson, who became Jill's boyfriend during that semester.
Aoxomoxoa was something of an underground phenomenom for years; people would bring friends into Pierpont years after leaving P-10 to show it to them.
Some fascist or post-modernist painted over it, but it achieved wider publicity when Jerry Garcia died. Deadhead and Massachusetts Governor William F. Weld published a piece in the Boston Globe Focus Section the Sunday following Garcia's death, in which he made hearsay reference to Aoxomoxoa. His source of information for this would have been Rose Marston, who was his official photographers during his time (1991-1997) as governor.
So the actual artist is Griffin or Mouse And Kelly (Dennis McNally's Dead book can be considered definitive, but I have no incentive to look it up), but Jill and Brian and Peter are certainly the lead artisans on the Aoxomoxoa Wall!

Jo Yaffe Kjosness added: I worked on patches of the mural, as instructed. Not being particularly artistic, that's as far as they (and I) trusted me!!

Peter Anderson added: Ed gives me too much credit as a lead artisan – probably only because Jill and I were well connected at that time - like Jo, I remember being more of a "follow direction" painter and not leaning much to the artistically blessed group, of which Jill was certainly one. Just think what we could do today with computers and scanners etc! I bet at times contributors included David Fuller, Dan Finer, Sheila, Rich Ragin, maybe even my ex-roommate and current roommate that year Richard Berman and Bruce Frederick. Now there's a bunch of names from the past and where indeed are many of these folks? I bet if we give it a try we could get a lot more people hooked up on this board.

This montage above used to be in Pierpont's first floor west lounge. It was not painted on a wall but was painted on a panel that could be moved. The picture was stitched from snapshots. Artist unknown. A hi-res version is available. (2000x1071 pixel 370k)

This Second Sunset mural was painted in the Spring 77 semester. Given its size and the narowness of the hallway the mural had to be shot in segments. Does anyone know if it's still there? Artist: Karl Franzen

"Cat Under The Stars"

This is was the cover of the 1978 album by Jerry Garcia. This mural was once on the north wall of the east lounge. The artist is reportedly Frank Emery who authored the "4" comic strip that ran in the Collegian back in '79-80.


This painting used to be in the hall leading from the elevator lobby to Second Sunset. It's a "fixed" version of a bad scan which only shows how a pic can be further butchered by a PhotoShop novice.