Woodstock to Watkins Glen: The Rockfest Archive
Dedicated to the rock festival era of the late '60's and '70s...
from Woodstock to Watkins Glen.

Mt Holyoke Timelines
A history of the Mt Holyoke Range from the 1820's to the present.
Includes notes on Mt Tom.

Skinner State Park: A Virtual Tour
First created as an exhibit for the Friends
Of the Mt. Holyoke Range website.

US-5: A Highway to History
Exploring regional geography, human settlement patterns
and public policy to tell the story of the
Massachusetts section of US-5.

Pierpont House
Dedicated to the glory days of UMass Amherst's
most rebellious dorm.

Historical Preservation for the 21st Century
Exploring the exciting potential of 3-D digital video
in a novel form of historical preservation.

World's Funniest Machine Translations
Enter the bizarre and humorous world of
computerized language translation.

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